Weddings in 2009

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♥ 2009 Weddings ♥
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Getting married in 2009? Then join 2009_weddings to discuss your plans and share advice with others!
Welcome to 2009_weddings!

♥ This community is open to any Livejournal users who are in love, and in the process of planning their upcoming 2009 wedding. Joining this community is a great way to discuss your big day, find answers to your wedding planning concerns, support others in their planning, and participate in engagement and wedding related discussions. ♥

Community Rules:

Please follow these guidelines when joining this community and making future posts:

1. Be respectful of other members. Remember that everyone is planning their wedding and may be feel the same amount of stress that you are. Don't be judgemental, offer advice and help in whatever way you can.

2. Upon joining, fill out the application listed below. We want to get to know all the members of the community, so it's very important that once you join, you create an introduction post using the introduction that we've created below.

3. Take this community and your engagement seriously. We don't feel it necessary to put an age restriction into this community, therefore, we feel that if you are under the age of the majority, please ensure that you are serious about your wedding and your engagement. If you are not really ready to plan a wedding, then you are not really ready to be in this community.

4. Please stay on the topic of wedding planning. Posts regarding the issues of relationships in general will be deleted.

5. Stick to posting in a basic format. We get several posts daily, and in order to keep the community neat, we'd apperciate it if you kept fonts, sizes, and colors according to default. Also, if you are posting more than one picture, a picture larger than 400x400, or a very lengthy post, please put the rest behind an LJ-cut.</b>

6. Please use tags on your posts other than introductions. If you are posting about wedding dresses, please write "wedding dresses" in the tag section of your post. This will make it a lot easier for members to find back-dated information when they need it.

7. No advertising of any kind is allowed. Do not advertise any other communities in here. Do not advertise items you are selling. This is not the place to do it.

8. Drama must be kept to an absolute minimum. If a dispute happens, do not create a post about it. If it is not something you can personally handle youself, contact one of the moderators.

Introduction Survey:

Upon joining, we ask you to copy and paste this survey into your first introduction post and fill it out accordingly.

Fiance's name:
Your ages:
Current location:
How long you've been together:
Brief description of how you met:
Date of engagement:
Describe your proposal:
Wedding date:
Wedding location:
Wedding colors or theme:
Approximate size of wedding:
Approximate wedding budget:
Wedding website:
Did you read the community rules before joining:
Anything else you'd like to add:
Picture of the two of you:

Those Responsible for 2009_weddings:
Your moderators are:
Nichole nicholelynn;
Kimberly bratlet &
Jennifer btrflywngs.

Official tag keepers:
emiiri; &

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